Edinburgh International Science Festival 2014 presents nighttime LateLab strand

Edinburgh International Science Festival 2014 presents nighttime LateLab strand

The evening events will include a synæsthesia session and a Soylent Green screening

Presenting science for an evening crowd has proven to be such a winner that the Edinburgh International Science Festival’s LateLab strand has now rolled out across the year in a series of quarterly events, with a dozen of them being held within the festival’s two-week duration this month. The closure of the Inspace laboratory has also led to a new venue for 2014, with the ballroom of the nearby Informatics Forum now the hub of LateLab.

‘We're most looking forward to our four collaborations with New York-based guest curator Amanda McDonald Crowley,’ says LateLab’s co-founder and director of New Media Scotland Mark Daniels. ‘She’s putting together special food-themed Labs, opening with a an expanded cinema screening of the cult movie Soylent Green on 5 Apr and continuing with a unique GastroLab each Sunday evening during the festival.’ This themed series will feature chefs, mixologists and food producers discussing slow food, how to make our own cola and the effect of light, colour and taste on our perception of food and drink.

Amanda Tyndall, deputy director of EISF, also points to separate explorations of the science behind gambling in ‘Casino Scienza’ and the effect of synæsthesia in ‘The Taste of Blue’, pointing out that all LateLab events feature ‘interactive elements for the audience to try out and play with. We want LateLab to become a hub for informal, social chats, where people can explore areas where arts, science and tech cross over or feed from one another. We want to reach out to audiences we know exist in Edinburgh, who already go to arts and cultural events but maybe don’t think they’re especially into "science".’

School of Informatics, Edinburgh, Sat 5–Sun 20 Apr.

LateLab: GastroLab - Inedible or incredible?

Edinburgh Science Festival

Hands-on science for families in venues across the city with a programme ranging from the entertaining to the controversial and, of course, the icky.

LATELAB: Atmosphere / Soylent Green

Make room, make room! Atmosphere is back, but wait a minute, it’s now 2022. Earth is overpopulated, polluted and malnourished, but Soylent Industries has a solution… They can take plankton from the sea and make food, Soylent Green; far more appetising than their red or yellow varieties too. Starring Charlton Heston and…

LATELAB: The Taste of Blue

What do Richard Feynman and Stevie Wonder have in common? Both have the brain condition synaesthesia which gives rise to sensory connections between unrelated experiences. Enter the mixed-up world of the synesthete where one sense leads to another and the whole world takes on a different meaning. Do numbers have a taste…

LATELAB: Gastrolab - Slow Food

This GastroLab will focus on slow food beginning with a screening of Lifecycles by Matthew Moore. Part of the larger effort of the Digital Farm Collective, these short time-lapse films educate consumers on the produce they are purchasing by showing the growing process as it happens in the field. Simon Yuill will talk…

LATELAB: Casino Scienza

Roll up and roll the dice in our casino with a twist; joining the croupiers will be a crafty group of risk-taking researchers and experts in trickery. Investigate gambling’s scientific secrets then have a go on the tables yourself. Does the house always win? What risks are you willing to take when the stakes are high?

LATELAB: Gastrolab RGB Cocktail Party

The host of our RGB (Red, Green, Blue) cocktail party is French-American food designer and artist Emilie Baltz. Based in New York and Paris she works at the intersection of gastronomy, performance and the visual arts to stimulate the definition of taste by provoking the five senses in new ways. In this ‘Triptych for…