The Question: What's your favourite art gallery?

The Question: What's your favourite art gallery?

We ask a question, you answer it. This month: your favourite art galleries

Justina Stonyte

Keith Epps
Union Gallery.

I'd say Edinburgh's Gallery of Modern Art – especially if you arrive via the Water of Leith walk in summer.

Hidden Door
Collective, Whitespace, Superclub Gallery and Studios to name a few.

Jackie Tatton
City Art Centre.

1853 Gallery @SaltsMill: more Hockney than you can shake a stick at! #favouritegalleries

Debbie Thomson
The Fruitmarket Gallery is a lovely space.

Rowena McIntosh
The Virginia Gallery in Glasgow has some great topical exhibitions.

Jaclyn Arndt
The Common Guild and Market Gallery always have some interesting, challenging exhibitions on the go.

My daughter loves Art Maker workshops at the Scottish National Gallery. @NatGalleriesSco

So many galleries to mention; for programming with emphasis on the event, White Cube is inspiring.