Sam Bailey: Pregnancy hasn't 'hit me'

'The X Factor' winner Sam Bailey has admitted her third pregnancy still hasn't sunk in yet, but she excited to become a mother for the third time and already has plans to fit it into her career


This article is from 2014.

Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey's pregnancy still hasn't sunk in yet.

The 2013 'X Factor' champion - who recently discovered she was expecting her third child - has claimed the news hasn't "hit" her, and admitted she thinks the baby was conceived on New Year's Eve.

She told BANG Showbiz: "It's not hit me yet that I'm pregnant. I'm three months, so I've got six months to go ... I'm pretty sure it was New Year's Eve.

"It was before we went out, before I performed at G-A-Y. It's a New Year's Eve baby."

Despite her recent rise to stardom, Sam insisted she won't be looking at employing a nanny to look after her children - daughter Brooke, eight, and son Tommy, five, with husband Craig - but she will be playing her mother to accompany her on tour to help out.

She added: "I'm due October 3rd. My mum's going to come on tour with me [in January] to look after the baby.

"I'm going to pay my mum's wages for a month so she can come on tour with me ... I'm not getting a nanny. I'll look after my own kids ... I won't be taking mega amounts of time off because I've got great people around me and supporting me.

"I need to be there for a certain period of time with the baby, but it's not like I'm flying off the Cambodia and staying away from home. I've got a great husband he's a great dad who's great at looking after babies."

This article is from 2014.

Sam Bailey

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