Eagulls - Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Fri 7 Mar 2014 (3 stars)

Eagulls - Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Fri 7 Mar 2014

Dark, mean and urgent post-punk that sometimes descends into anonymous bludgeoning

In this present age of musical conservatism, you’ve got to salute a band whose idea of video art involves fuzzy footage of a decomposing pig’s brain. Hearteningly, Leeds quintet Eagulls have just won an award for that very promo and taken their dark, mean and urgent post-punk all the way to The David Letterman Show when really it is meant for live consumption in low-roofed basement venues such as this.

Their terse set scores high on Banshees guitar reverb and Killing Joke intensity, which is good news for old-age goths, and potentially even better news for those who don’t remember this mutant punk sound from first time round. Overall though, it amounts to a bit of an anonymous bludgeoning.

While most of the band members make little impression in terms of stage presence, foghorn frontman George Mitchell at least has that angular, altered look of a performer who needs space to get something off his chest. There is a touch of Robert Smith’s anguished tone in his vocals – that’s when he is not simply bellowing out a song title over and over again.

Initially, he chides the audience for not reacting but, hungry for dynamics, they eventually get their teeth into ‘Possessed’.


Eagulls - Possessed

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