Mammon (3 stars)


A gloomy, turgid Scandi TV drama that doesn't measure up to Borgen, The Bridge et al

It was probably only a matter of time. Those clever Danes and Swedes may have dominated the recent Nordic TV explosion towards these shores, but now Norway is giving it its best shot. The seemingly acclaimed Mammon is a sibling drama against the backdrop of financial scandal and newspaper journalists with their moral compasses set to haywire.

The six-part show’s focus is Peter Verås (Jon Øigarden), an investigative reporter whose brother appears to be caught up in a multinational fraud. Within an episode and a half, two people have blown their brains out right in front of Peter, as he gets closer to the truth behind the escalating crisis.

Gloomy as the Oslo night sky, Verås makes Sarah Lund seem like Miranda Hart (joie de vivre-wise) and the sheer lack of general likeability on display makes Mammon a turgid watch compared to Borgen, The Bridge et al. Perhaps things will improve as the series progresses, but the opening credits that attempt to tell a story rather than simply set a mood will become ever more annoying as the weeks go by.

More4, Fri 28 Mar, 9pm.

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