Strider (4 stars)


The arcade game reboot excels with high-speed action, great graphics and smooth, responsive controls

(Capcom) PC/PSN/XBL

Back in 1990, owners of the Sega Mega Drive were wowed by the top quality port of classic arcade game Strider. A 2D platformer, in much the same vein as Castlevania or Mega Man, it was a massive hit, yet Capcom have virtually ignored the cyber ninja since.

Now, Strider Hiryu is back, armed with his trusty laser sword. Dropping straight into the thick of the action in a neo-futuristic Soviet city, at first you’ll feel rather exposed, having to stock up on multiple health bonuses as you slice your way through an army of robo-soldiers. You soon beef up with multiple weapon and special move upgrades. Hiryu is particularly agile, clinging to virtually any surface, encouraging exploration to dig out all those extras.

This reboot manages to retain the core appeal of the original while bolstering it with superior graphics, smooth, responsive controls, and more content than you could cram onto a Mega Drive cartridge. Old fans will thrill at the nods to the past – including boss battles against techno-dragons and mech-gorillas – while newcomers should savour the high-speed action even when not viewed through the rosy tint of nostalgia.

Strider Launch Trailer (PS4/Xbox One)

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