will.i.am starstruck by Joanna Lumley

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  • 21 March 2014
will.i.am and Joanna Lumley (c) BBC

will.i.am and Joanna Lumley (c) BBC

'The Voice' star will.i.am says he was starstruck by Joanna Lumley because he's such a big fan of her boozing TV alter-ego Patsy in 'Absolutely Fabulous'

will.i.am was starstruck by Joanna Lumley.

The 'Absolutely Fabulous' legend spent four days at 'The Voice' coach's home in Los Angeles for her new TV documentary, 'Joanna Lumley Meets will.i.am', and he admits he was taken aback when they first met because he is a fan of her champagne-swilling character Patsy in the sitcom.

He said: "I was a fan of 'Absolutely Fabulous', but her acting was so freakin' out of this world that I didn't realise she was the person who played Patsy. The first time I met her I thought, 'Oh my gosh, you're the woman from Absolutely Fabulous!' "

And the 'Bang Bang' hitmaker is also a fan of Joanna's most recent role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in a big budget movie.

He added: "She was really good in 'The Wolf of Wall Street'."

will admits he had to ask his mother for permission to invite Joanna, 68, to their home in Los Angeles for the documentary because his family is incredibly private.

He explained to Radio Times magazine: "I'm private because of my mum. The neighbourhood we came from wasn't pretty an she raised us not to share with people the things we hold scared.

"I speak to her every other day and there's certain things I still have to ask her permission for. I wanted to do this documentary because it's rooted in my charity work."


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