Hollyoaks' Dianne O'Connor's wedding disaster

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  • 20 March 2014
Alex Fletcher as Diane O'Connor

Alex Fletcher as Diane O'Connor

'Hollyoaks' star Alex Fletcher has revealed that her character Diane O'Connor's wedding day will be ruined when her daughter calls the police to arrest her

Hollyoaks' Diane O'Connor will be left furious when police ruin her wedding.

Diane (Alex Fletcher) recently called off her engagement to Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) after he got involved with shady character Trevor Royle (Greg Wood), but when she realises she still loves him she decides to go ahead with the ceremony - only for disaster to strike when her daughter Sinead (Stephanie Davis) gets the police involved.

She explained: "Sinead overhears a conversation between Ste and Tony about the drugs, which Tony has brought back to the flat accidentally.

"Sinead now knows that there are drugs in the flat, so she tips off the police out of revenge.

"Just as Diane is about to leave for the wedding, the police arrive with sniffer dogs and she gets arrested. She doesn't have a clue what's going on!"

Sinead - whose parenting skills have been called into question over the past few months due to her taking her daughter Katy to hospital numerous times despite there seemingly being nothing wrong - is looking for revenge against her mother after discovering that she wasn't invited to her and Tony's wedding, but Alex says Diane had no choice.

She told Digital Spy:"I think at the moment, Diane is just trying to give Sinead a bit of distance and space. She can't really have Sinead there anyway, because baby Katy will be at the wedding and it's up to social services to decide when Sinead can have contact with her. It's not like Diane is being totally unreasonable or mean - she genuinely can't invite her."

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