James Lock doesn't trust TOWIE men

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  • 20 March 2014
James Lock

James Lock

James Lock says he doesn't trust his fellow male 'TOWIE' stars except best friend Dan Osborne and Elliot Wright

James Lock doesn't trust his fellow male 'The Only Way Is Essex' cast mates.

The reality TV star insists Dan Osborne and Elliot Wright are the only males on the show who he would trust since everyone else is "out for themselves".

He explained: "I don't mean Dan when I say what I'm about to say, because he's a brother to me, there's no rivalry there. We've got lots of similarities, and I hold my hand up, he's doing a lot better than me at the minute.

"But I don't feel jealous - I'm happy for him. He's in my corner, and me, him and Elliot are on the same team.

"But most of the boys on the show, I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw them. Everyone's out for themselves, but that's just society, ain't it?"

James also shares a close friendship with Bobby Norris, who spends time joking with his co-star and girlfriend Danielle Armstong about techniques between the sheets while they film scenes for the show.

He added to Gay Times magazine: "I'm really good friends with Bobby Norris too. I feel really comfortable with gay men, and between scenes I'll always be having a laugh with Bobby. We have a lot of sexual banter and he's always talking to me about blow jobs and telling Danielle the best way to give me one."

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