Kylie Minogue: Sia Furler is the bee's knees

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  • 19 March 2014
Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue thinks Sia Furler is "the bee's knees" having worked with the producer and songwriter on her 12th studio album 'Kiss Me Once'

Kylie Minogue thinks Sia Furler is "the bee's knees".

The 'Into The Blue' singer, who worked with the songwriter and producer, dubbed the female Pharrell Williams, on her 12th studio album 'Kiss Me Once', has praised the star, who also contributed the song 'I Was Gonna Cancel' for the record.

Kylie told Stylist magazine: "She was great and someone I admire so much. I just think she's the bee's knees.

"I have to credit my record label for that kind of thing. But I would credit myself with being game to try anything - I'll give anything a shot. They don't always work out but at least you've tried and you've been there."

Sia, who has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Rita Ora, also worked on Kylie's song 'Sexercize', which Kylie admits she was unsure about the title when she first heard it.

She said: "Sexercize! Yes! Thank you Sia!" adding, "I actually blushed when I heard the title and thought, 'Oh, that's wrong'. But that's the genius of Sia. She can made it cool and make it hot. And I can probably put the little wink into it, so you know it's going to be more fruity than sleazy."

The 45-year-old pop princess has released the video for the new song, which has been described as "the sexiest workout ever", and sees Kylie parade her toned figure in a leotard and daring stiletto heels.

Kylie described the song as one of the "fun tongue-in-cheek ones" from the record, and said on 'The Today Show': "That's open to everyone's interpretation how they like to Sexercize."

Kylie Minogue

Pop behemoth Ms Minogue.

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