Jake Bugg: Working with Rick Rubin was easy

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  • 19 March 2014
Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg found it "easy" working with famous producer Rick Rubin on his second album 'Shangri La' at his Malibu recording studio

Jake Bugg found it "easy" working with Rick Rubin.

The 'Lightning Bolt' singer, who worked with the famous producer on his second album 'Shangri La' at his Malibu recording studio and claims it was a simple process.

He told Faster Louder: "Despite if I knew him or not, I had enough people telling me the reputation he had, so I just didn't think it was an opportunity to turn your nose up at.

"You might learn something, you might get something out of it, you might not, but you'll definitely learn something.

"The experience as a whole was great, he brought in great musicians. I just had a load of ideas, and I'd sit down and teach the band. He'd drag those ideas out of me and make sure I turn them into songs."

Jake added: "It was just pretty relaxed, we'd record a song four or five times and then onto the next. Pretty easy."

The 19-year-old singer admits the idea of working with Rick, who has recorded with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Kanye and Eminem, could be intimidating for some artists but he felt "free" to work on his own material.

He added: "What Rick does is different to what I do. It's his job to produce and it's my job to play the songs. It worked pretty well, it was just a chilled atmosphere to be honest."

Jake Bugg

Singer-songwriter peddling a folky country indie sound.

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