Miriam O'Reilly slams Julia Bradbury over ageism case

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  • 18 March 2014
Miriam O'Reilly

Miriam O'Reilly

Former 'Countryfile' host Miriam O'Reilly has slammed her ex-colleague Julia Bradbury after the star suggested Miriam wasn't fired from the show due to her age

Former 'Countryfile' presenter Miriam O'Reilly has hit out at Julia Bradbury and accused her of "a**e licking".

The 57-year-old TV presenter won an age discrimination case against the BBC after being axed from the popular rural affairs show, but her 43-year-old co-star recently suggested her dismissal in 2009 was due to a format change, and not because of her age.

Julia told The Times newspaper: "With Miriam, the decision certainly wasn't made because she was old. The decision was because they were changing the programme."

An incensed Miriam took to her Twitter account to fire back at Julia - who recently quit her role fronting 'Countryfile' with Matt Baker and John Craven - and blasted the brunette star.

She wrote: "@JuliaBradbury Just seen your mention of me in the Times. You say the decision to drop me from Countryfile was not because I was 'old'.

"So you know better than three judges in a legal case and former BBC [director general] Mark Thompson who accepted the tribunal decision?"

Miriam went on to suggest Julia should familiarise herself with her landmark ageism case against the BBC in case Julia faces similar discrimination in future.

She added: "@JuliaBradbury Before you make ill informed statements I suggest you look at the legal case - one day you might need it. ... Until then good luck with the a**e licking. (sic)"

Miriam won an employment tribunal case against the BBC in 2011 after being axed from 'Countryfile'.

The TV star claims Julia could simply be echoing the sentiments of senior producers on the show, who refuse to accept the tribunal's ruling.

Miriam told the Daily Mail newspaper: "It really is a pathetic thing to say. She has just made herself look rather silly. I think it displays a certain arrogance.

"If she had studied the tribunal judgement, and it is online, she might have a different view. But it was an ill-informed view and not helpful to her or other older women in television. Frankly I feel there was some a**e licking there."

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