Top 5 tracks: Egyptian Lover

Top 5 tracks: Egyptian Lover

Discover the best music from the forefather of US electro

With 30 years of music making under his pimped out belt, Egyptian Lover has earned his stripes as the forefather of the US electro scene. Releasing some of the earliest rap LPs, he began making beats ‘because no-one else was’, programming the Roland TR-808 drum machine ‘like a mad man’. From earlier cuts such as 'Computer Love' to the bombastic electro super-sleaze of 'Freak-A-Holic', while his tracks started out as staples on the breakdance scene, they’re now name checked by a generation of producers from Autechre to Jamie Jones. Still producing and touring today, his sets honour the traditions of his DJ origins, combining turntablism with energetic live performances. Familiarise yourself with these five classic career moments.

Uncle Jamm’s Army – 'Dial-a-Freak'

One of his earliest cuts under his original DJ name, 'Dial-a-Freak' heralded the producer’s now unmistakeable electro-rap sound – and an obsession with the word ‘freak’ which would come to define his career.

Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt

Originally titled 'Beast Beats' until his mother and sister begged him ‘not to play with the devil’, this breakthrough hit put him on the map in 1984.

Egyptian Lover – 'Freak-a-holic'

Menacing synths, raucous drum machines and gloriously sleazy self-aggrandising vocals - if you’re looking for an introduction to Egyptian Lover’s signature sound, this is it.

Egyptian Lover – 'I Need A Freak'

His sexed-up, tongue-in-cheek cover of one of his favourite Sexual Harrassment tracks, now commonly and erroneously believed to be Egyptian Lover recording under an alias.

Jamie Jones ft. Egyptian Lover – 'Galactic Space Bar'

Working with a whole range of artists after returning to the studio in 2005, he lent his bombastic vocals to this sci-fi inspired, electro-funk pop hit on Jamie Jones’ debut album in 2008.

Egyptian Lover

Innovative producer of old-school/electro.

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