Pam Ann: withering wit from the world’s most sarcastic air hostess

Pam Ann: withering wit from the world’s most sarcastic air hostess

The character is the creation of Aussie comedian Caroline Reid

Savage satirist that she is, how tempting will it be for Pam Ann to take on the most bizarrely fascinating air travel story of the day? Or will good taste prevail and the words ‘Flight MH370’ remain unmentioned throughout Fly? This phrase in her blurb perhaps gives you an indication of what to expect: ‘No news story is safe from this comedian.’ Gird your loins, people.

The cultish creation of Aussie Caroline Reid set off on this particular path to showbusiness success at the age of eight when her mother stuck her on a plane from Melbourne to Sydney in order to get some peace and quiet. You’d think that the last thing Reid would want to be involved with during her career would be aircraft after such a potentially traumatic start to her life, but not one bit: Reid dreamed up Pam in the mid-90s and has been entertaining and offending audiences ever since.

Reid’s motto is ‘passion plus talent plus perseverance equals success’, while Pam is something of an air travel snob. Her disdain for budget airlines is famously withering but she does have friends in rather high places: she went on tour with Cher a decade ago and Elton John has hired her comedic services on his private jet. And if anyone can make lots of comedy hay with the idea of a cockpit, Pam Ann can.

King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 25 Mar.

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