Interview: comedian Mike Wozniak on his latest show, Take the Hit

Interview: comedian Mike Wozniak on his latest show, Take the Hit

The show focuses on a man browbeaten into domestic torment

Mike Wozniak’s 2013 Edinburgh Fringe success Take the Hit may well be one of the most tightly written stand-up shows in recent times. Ostensibly the story of a man browbeaten into domestic torment by having to share a small house with his in-laws, he dreams of being unsaddled of his responsibilities, even if those imaginings do turn to thoughts of homicide.

But he is relieved to be on tour and away from all those dark musings and reinventing himself as a man of glitzy showbusiness (he has a spangly jacket for one thing). And he wants us to know that he won’t be ‘banging on’ about his unfortunate home life. Except that’s exactly what he does, hilariously, for a solid hour of classy comedy.

‘Things do evolve and some bits and pieces have slightly expanded and some have contracted,’ insists Wozniak. ‘It’s pretty much as-is, but there have been bits of tinkering; it’s quite nice to introduce a bit of playfulness.’ Those Edinburgh Comedy Award judges certainly liked what he had done with the show, and a deserved nomination was thrust his way. ‘Those kind of things are bloody wonderful,’ he is delighted to confess. ‘It shows that you’re not completely deluded. When you have a bad gig or something, it is very easy to think, “Well, this is ridiculous, who am I kidding? I’m not Spike Milligan, what am I thinking?” So when you get a body of industry professionals saying, “No, you’re alright”, it helps you not go completely mad.’

The Stand, Glasgow, Tue 25 Mar.


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