The Black Dog

The Black Dog

Clutter House, Studio 24, Edinburgh, Fri 4 Jan


Studio 24 will forever be associated with techno in Edinburgh. Hosting nights such as Sativa and Dogma through the years (and still home to JakN) there are now two new nights gracing the decks. Kontrol takes in the cutting edge (Jerome Hill and Patrick Walker guest, 11 January), but Clutter House looks at the genre from its inception, paying tribute to some of techno’s greatest names.

Formed in 1989 at the beginning of the acid house scene, The Black Dog are true pioneers of techno. Now signed to Glasgow’s Soma they’re currently working on a new album. ‘I think it’s more upbeat and a bit darker due to being stuck in South Yorkshire with constant grey skies. But it’s quite optimistic and emotional,’ explains Martin Dust one of the current members alongside Richard Dust and Ken Downie.

While The Black Dog’s original incarnation, which featured Ed Hanley and Any Turner alongside founder Downie, is considered by many as their classic line-up (releasing Bytes, Temple of Transparent Balls and Spanners), the new line-up has been even more prolific. ‘What attracted me to Black Dog was that, even through the line-up changes it never stayed the same anyway,’ says Dust. ‘Ken took a lot of risks and never stuck with that sound from the Warp era. We’ve tried to get away from “it’s Ken”; in the last five years we’ve released 120 tracks. We’ve just got the right mix of people, all the skills really seem to work. We’ve all always been really interested in techno, futuristic thoughts and the mind set that brings.’

Clutter House

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