Neil Landstrumm

Neil Landstrumm

Miso at The Ivy, Glasgow, Sat 12 Jan


‘I tend to focus in on something for a while, then I go through a period of extreme laziness before I start another project,’ says Edinburgh techno polymath Neil Landstrumm. ‘I wouldn’t call myself a workaholic, but if I set myself a goal – like releasing a record on Planet Mu that’s worthy of the label – I don’t stop until that goal’s ticked off.’

Not workaholic then, just admirably determined. Landstrumm has been making music professionally for 13 years, but in that time he’s released records on some of the planet’s finest techno labels, including Peacefrog, Tresor and now the aforementioned Planet Mu. Taking into account the fact that he enjoyed a lengthy sabbatical in New York (which ended in 2003 and led to him establishing his own Scandinavia label internationally), and that he works as a graphic designer, most of us might concur that his work ethic seems uncommonly strong.

Landstrumm’s latest LP, Restaurant of Assassins, also shows that he’s more forward-thinking than most techno artists, with a particularly zeitgeist-thrashing outlook. ‘There’s a healthy dose of early 90s British rave in there, but it brings that sound up to date with more modern dubstep beats,’ he says. ‘It’s more an album that you sit and listen to, rather than just banger after banger.’

It’s this feeding from different styles which, Landstrumm says, keeps him coming back for more: ‘When I started I mixed the Chicago style with elements of jazz, and then moved on to more experimental, abstract electronica. I’ve just kept it varied, really, which is why I think I’ve been able to continue doing this for so long’.


Miso and the Ivy say they've put together their finest line-up to date to help close Triptych in style. Featuring UK exclusive performances from Berlin's Syntheme (Planet Mu), Amsterdam's Orgue Electronique (Ghostly Int'), London's Zilla / King Cannibal (Warp) and a special live performance from the legendary Subhead…

Neil Landstrumm and Dirty Hospital

Experimental, low frequency electronica from Edinburgh native Landstrumm, plus Steven and John from Bis in their techno/electro guise Dirty Hospital at this Miso night.

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