Gregg Wallace's potato endorsement

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  • 14 March 2014
Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace

The BBC has come under fire after it emerged 'MasterChef: The Professionals' star Gregg Wallace has advertised potato products in the past, while Michel Roux Jr. was banned from a similar deal

The BBC has come under fire for allowing Gregg Wallace to advertise potatoes.

The 'MasterChef: The Professionals' star - who has hosted the show since 2005 - endorsed QV Foods' Inspire range in 2010, with his face appearing on packaging for potatoes and carrots.

This comes after former co-host Michel Roux Jr. quit the show after BBC bosses tried to ban him from fronting adverts for Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes.

Gregg defended his deal, saying it's "not a food product - and that's the point".

However, the incident has raised concerns about the broadcaster having "terrible double standards".

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "The BBC is not even-handed when it comes to who is allowed to do what. There are terrible double standards."

Michel previously voiced his concern with the lack of co-operation with the BBC and insists they should understand "talent" have their own commitments.

He said: "It's not for lack of trying, but sometimes negotiating with the BBC can be a frustrating process and there are times when I have wondered if the corporation understands the realities of today's commercial world.

"The BBC needs to recognise the value of the talent they work with, and also, that whilst we love to be associated with top quality television, we have other professional commitments that are as important to us as programme-making."

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