Corrie's Lloyd Mullaney suffers heart attack

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  • 14 March 2014
Corrie's Lloyd suffers heart attack

Corrie's Lloyd suffers heart attack

'Coronation Street' cab driver Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles) will suffer a heart attack while taking part in a charity fun run

'Coronation Street's' Lloyd Mullaney will suffer a heart attack.

The cab driver will be left fighting for his life after collapsing while taking part in a charity fun run in honour of late 'Corrie' character Hayley Cropper, who died from cancer in January.

Actor Craig Charles was seen filming the dramatic scenes in Manchester yesterday (13.03.14), clutching his chest while sporting a blue-and-grey coloured tracksuit.

Lloyd's daughter Jenna - played by Krissi Bohn - is the first to rush to her dad's aid after he collapses.

Steve McDonald, Lloyd's best friend played by Simon Gregson, blames himself for the heart attack after tripping Lloyd up to beat him in the race.

Steve says: "I saw it happen. I was having a row with him because I tripped him up, it was an accident. I've got to go to the hospital, I can't just sit around here doing nothing."

The other residents of Weatherfield will rally around Lloyd as he fights for his life in hospital, putting a halt to the charity fun.

A soap source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Everyone is really worried about Lloyd. The day was supposed to be a laugh with a bit of healthy competition between Lloyd and Steve. No one expected him to have a heart attack."

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