Jodi Picoult, Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson - Wonder Woman: Love and Murder (4 stars)

Jodi Picoult, Terry Dodson



Novellist Jodi Picoult (who gave us bestseller My Sister’s Keeper) makes her first foray into graphic fiction and surprisingly she’s the first female writer to take on the monthly Wonder Woman title. This gripping work follows Diana Prince in a new role, posing as a special agent for the American government, as malevolent old foe Circe resurfaces with a dastardly new plan of attack involving Wonder Woman’s mother Hippolyta.

Love and Murder is visually stunning, Terry and Rachel Dodson’s artwork breathing life into the pithy narrative with rich visuals blending beautifully with dry humour. The focus is, as ever on the age-old battle of good v evil, but Picoult gives it her own intriguing twist, exposing internal struggles which have previously gone unexplored.

One of the most powerful female characters ever created reworked by one of the most highly acclaimed female authors of the past decade: now that’s a duo you do not want to mess with.

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