Matt Edmondson to host TV OD for ITV2

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  • 13 March 2014
Matt Edmondson

Matt Edmondson

Matt Edmondson will front a new show called 'TV OD', which brings together the funniest and weirdest reactions to popular TV shows on social networks

Matt Edmondson is set to host new ITV2 show 'TV OD'.

The presenter will scour the web to bring viewers the funniest and strangest tweets, blogs, and forum posts about the biggest TV sensations of the past week in the new social media inspired show.

Matt will also be joined by celebrity guests as they share their guiltiest TV obsessions and will be giving them a chance to react to some of the most outrageous, hurtful and amusing Twitter comments made about them.

He commented: "I'm ridiculously excited about making 'TV OD'. Finally, I have a valid excuse to spend every waking hour watching telly whilst simultaneously surfing the internet. All we need to do now is factor in a part of the show where I have a nap and it'll be like every day off I've ever had."

The series has been made by IMG Productions for ITV2, with Alex Gale acting as executive producer and David Howarth producing.

Alex said: "'TV OD' is going to be a funny and really authentic reflection of what everyone is saying about TV each week. With people making so many witty, insightful and creative comments about what they're watching 'TV OD' has a wealth of material to draw from giving it a really strong voice that reflects what people really think."

Matt is best known for his celebrity and entertainment news presenting gigs, namely 'T4' and 'Freshly Squeezed'.

'TV OD' will air this summer on ITV2.

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