Also Published - 5 Diet Books

Theresa Cheung - The Lemon Juice Diet It’s the big ingredient in the Hollywood slimmer’s scran these days, replacing the various recent dieting fads of coconut, pineapple and cabbage soup. Vermillion.

Marisa Peer - You Can Be Thin This one is aimed at ‘emotional over-eaters’ using hypnotherapy exercises, questionnaires and subtle repetition to break the patterns and banish those cravings. Sphere.

Ian Marber - The Food Doctor Ultimate Diet A compilation of his four previous books, including the ten principles and the seven-day kickstart diet. Dorling Kindersley.

Pat Thomas - The 21st Century is Making You Fat
Subtitled: ‘Why Your Environment Makes You Put on Weight and What You Can Do About it.’ Gaia.

Gary Taubes - The Diet Delusion Debunking all this stuff is Taubes’ game and here he explores the corporate world of the slimming industry. Vermillion.

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