John Altman: June Brown told me about EastEnders death

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  • 12 March 2014
Nick and Dot Cotton (c) BBC

Nick and Dot Cotton (c) BBC

John Altman has revealed his on-screen mum June Brown informed him that his legendary character Nick Cotton was being killed off

John Altman learned of Nick Cotton's death from June Brown.

The 'EastEnders' legend - who was last seen in the show in 2009 - admits it was a surprise to learn his villainous alter-ego would be killed off in a new storyline and has revealed it was his on-screen mother, who plays Dot Branning, who broke the news to him.

Speaking backstage at the TRIC Awards in London yesterday (11.03.14), he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I heard about it from June - my old ma, I can rely on her."

Viewers watched as a bereft Dot was informed of her wayward son's death on Monday night (10.03.14) and Nick's off-screen exit will mark a new chapter for the soap stalwart, as her long-lost grandson Charlie Cotton (Declan Bennett) will soon arrive in Walford.

John added: "It was a bit of a surprise. It's an interesting story, the way it's all turned out ... it's a bit odd because I'm not there."

The actor also praised 'EastEnders' bosses for introducing another member of the Cotton clan, saying: "I was surprised, but delighted really ... more the merrier! Especially as he is named after Nick's dad, Charlie."

While the door has now closed on his time in 'EastEnders', John, 62, remains close to June, 87.

He enthused: "I think she is a wonderful woman and deserves every award they could give her.

"I can call her up any time and have a chat - if I can get hold of her, she's a busy lady! She doesn't live far from me, we both live in Surrey, so I can just drive over there in half an hour [to see her]."

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