Charlie Fletcher - Stoneheart

Charlie Fletcher

Stoneheart (Hodder Children’s Books)


Inanimate objects coming to life is a staple of kids and fantasy literature. And advertising too, if you can picture a car breaking down into its components and strolling around like a very tall human. In Charlie Fletcher’s children’s novel, Stoneheart, the statues of London come alive in a gargantuan battle between good and evil with the likes of the gunner statue at Hyde Park facing up to the Barbican’s Minotaur. And all because a 12-year-old boy, George Chapman, broke the head of a stone dinosaur while on a school trip, unleashing a trapped demonic force.

This rollicking adventure certainly has all the makings of a series in a Potter-esque, Narnia-like vein, and Hollywood has already made its interest known with Fletcher himself penning the screenplay for a potential 2008 release. All this would bring Fletcher’s life full circle, with him now based in Edinburgh after having spent a decade in LA. The bright lights of Tinseltown may soon have cause to shine a light on their prodigal son.

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