Verity Rushworth postponed honeymoon for Emmerdale return

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  • 11 March 2014
Verity Rushworth

Verity Rushworth

Actress Verity Rushworth has admitted she has put her honeymoon on hold in order to return to 'Emmerdale' as two-timing cop Donna Dingle

Verity Rushworth has put her honeymoon on hold to return to 'Emmerdale'.

The actress is set to return to the ITV soap this month for the first time since 2009 as cheating cop Donna Dingle and she says the role is so important to her that she has postponed her plans to celebrate her union with theatre director Dominic Shaw in the Maldives.

She explained to The Sun newspaper: "We want to do something really special, like fly off to the Maldives. We were thinking about this year, when my show finished, then this job came up and I just had to do it, so we've still not got there.

"I've put my honeymoon on hold for 'Emmerdale', which shows how much I want to do it! We've started filming and it is hectic already. But he gets I'm working all the time because he is usually doing the same. We are together one day a week always, which is just the way it's always been and helps to keep things fresh."

Verity has pursued a stage career since leaving the soap, with roles in 'The Sound of Music' and 'Chicago', but insists returning to the set felt as natural as coming "home".

She added: "Once we started filming again it was like I'd never been away - it felt like coming home... Donna's changed a bit. She's more mature and a mum.

"She's skinny jeans and striped tops these days - but as a person she's the same so I hope the viewers will enjoy seeing her back in the village again."

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