Crash My Model Car - Ghosts and Heights (4 stars)

Crash My Model Car - Ghosts and Heights

(My Dad Recordings)


After two critically acclaimed, sold out EPs and a fast growing legion of devotees, it would be fair to say that Crash My Model Car are under a considerable amount of pressure for their debut long player to deliver the goods. Worry not, however, as Ghosts and Heights is a warm, accomplished work born from strong, compelling songwriter and frontman Iain Morrison’s bewitchingly melancholy vocals. Acoustic guitar-based tracks enveloped in soaring strings, driving beats and tinkling pianos burst into life, working their way into hearts and heads from first listen. The Glasgow-based foursome claim that Morrison’s father didn’t speak to his son for a week when he first heard him playing the guitar, but chances are he’ll be smiling now.

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