Dermot O'Leary fascinated by space

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  • 7 March 2014
Dermot O'Leary

Dermot O'Leary

Dermot O'Leary says he is incredibly excited to work with an astrophysicist for Channel 4's new 'Live from Space' season and is fascinated by the outer reaches of the universe

Dermot O'Leary is incredibly excited to be working with an astrophysicist for Channel 4's 'Live from Space' season.

'The X Factor' host will take viewers on an incredible journey around the world in 90 minutes, and while the series may be a dramatic change from his most famous role, Dermot says accepting the opportunity seemed like a no-brainer.

He told BANG Showbiz: "When I took the gig, a mate of mine was like, 'I didn't know you were curious about space?' And my take on it was, I don't know anyone who isn't curious about space? It just seems such a natural thing to do."

When Dermot was given the opportunity to watch the International Space Station pass over St Paul's Cathedral in London he found it almost impossible to comprehend the speed at which it was travelling.

He explained: "I just thought I wonder where it is now, and I thought in my head it'd be like Ipswich or the Netherlands and it was over the Bay of Bengal or somewhere like that. I mean it's extraordinary, it goes so many times faster than the speed of a bullet."

Channel 4's 'Live from Space' season kicks off next Wednesday (12.03.14) with two fascinating hour-long documentaries, 'Astronauts: Living in Space' and 'Astronauts: Houston We Have a Problem'. These shows aim to reveal life as it is for the people living and working on the International Space Station, the challenges they face and the day-to-day experiences they have.

The series of programmes will conclude on Sunday 16 March with 'Live from Space: Lap of the Planet', a major interactive television event centred around a live two-and-a-half hour broadcast from the ISS and Mission Control in Houston as the ISS completes an entire orbit of the earth.

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