Bdy_Prts - Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, Wed 5 Mar 2014 (4 stars)

Bdy_Prts - Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, Wed 5 Mar 2014

Debut single launch gig for the bodysock-loving Glasgow alt-pop duo

’We thought we'd only sold about 30 tickets!’ Jenny Reeve protests mid-set, but the venue is rammed full and there is little doubt that Bdy_Prts is the hottest ticket in town on this particular evening. Neither Reeve nor her partner in crime Jill O' Sullivan are strangers to the Glasgow scene, known as lead members of Strike the Colours and Sparrow and the Workshop respectively, but excitement surrounding this long gestating union has been stoked considerably by the release of their excellent debut single 'IDLU'. Following almost 18 months of scattered support slots, tonight marks their first headline gig and it feels like it has been a long time coming.

Before any of that, the stage belongs to Wolf – the new project from Kim Moore (formerly of indie-pop troupe Zoey Van Goey). Moore takes the stage unassumingly with her violin and sets about methodically live looping strings and singing wearily over them – it's captivating stuff. Even more so once it's complemented by rattling bass and blusterous synthetic beats; a noisy finale of Forest Swords-esque digital tribalism sets a high standard for tonight's headliners to match.

Considering they've only released one song, anticipation surrounding Bdy_Prts is exceptionally high. It's clear they are still carving out their exact style though and tonight is a mixture of ideas. Mostly they work their dual guitars and vocals into a kinetic re-appropriation of 90s alt-rock updated with stifled electronic rhythms – and reassuringly heavy on both volume and melody. Then there's also a rendition of the first song they wrote together, a stark contrast with Reeve playing violin while O'Sullivan picks nimbly at an acoustic guitar. It accentuates the natural chemistry between the pair and the audience are always on board – the band banter and giggle throughout the night to ensure a lively atmosphere.

The preceding songs pale in comparison to 'IDLU' which surprisingly only earns a penultimate spot on the set list. The single, a masterfully lithe song patching together disjointed folk, electro-pop and swirling vocal harmonies, is delivered to a justifiably rapturous reception. Really, to play anything else as a finale seems a bold move but the new track which closes the evening meets expectations with a similar brew of contorted alt-pop magic. A few more songs as good as those two and it's going to be tough to argue with the growing suggestion that Bdy_Prts might be something special.

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