Kevin Tuffy - To Be To Begin (4 stars)

Kevin Tuffy - To Be To Begin



With an entire generation of new songwriters uncaring about traditional musical pigeon holes, we have music that proudly swings from mosh pit to dancefloor to backroom of folkie pub and still sounds mighty fine. Here aspirant Londoner Tuffy wields a banjo and harmonica on one track and has grime MC Sway guesting on another. Not only does he get away with it, he proves himself a creditable songwriter on this all too brief EP.

His tangled lyrical tumble evokes thoughts of Mike Skinner before he got distracted and bored and Alex Turner minus the smugness. There’s a sweet domestic turn to the scenes he carves out but you get the feeling from Tuffy’s fondness for a laconic melody that he’s just a dreamer at heart. Let’s hope for more. Soon.

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