Flevans - Unfabulous & Diesler - The Rhythm Station (3 stars)

Flevans - Unfabulous

(Jack to Phono) (Freestyle)


Flevans’ debut album, Make New Friends, was an assemblage of two EPs and rode an instant, playful appeal that forgave the sensation that many tunes remained unfinished. Here, though still exhibiting a certain unwillingness to grant his jazzy, cosmic disco productions a satisfactory conclusion, Unfabulous furthers the knob-twiddler’s ear for cheeky, giddying sound manipulation and offers up a more assured style. Fellow Tru Thoughts alumni Diesler shifts his focus slightly, edging from a dancefloor-driven, Latin leaning towards a more lush, soulful sound courtesy of sun-kissed keys and warm guest vocals from the likes of Part Time Heroes’ Laura Vane. Thus, the somewhat more prolific producer falls in line with the thoughtful precision of recent releases from The Nextmen, Outlines and The Black Seeds. What neither artist has produced is a coherent album in the traditional sense of the word, more collations of their nevertheless admirable recent works.

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