Trianglehead - Exit Strategy (4 stars)

Trianglehead - Exit Strategy



The Edinburgh-based Trianglehead are one of the most adventurous jazz units to have emerged on the Scottish scene in recent times, and their second CD confirms that they have lost none of that exploratory spirit. The core trio of Martin Kershaw (saxophones), Paul Harrison (keyboard and electronics) and Stu Ritchie (drums) is augmented by Graeme Stephen’s guitar work on three compositions, adding a further incisive edge to their already wide-ranging sonic experiments.

As on the earlier Maths, the music is cleverly sequenced to emphasise contrasting moods and forms, and the players are in equally inventive form on high energy free jazz-influenced romps and more spaciously textured outings. All the players have demonstrated that they are entirely at home in more conventional jazz idioms in other contexts, and even in their most freely structured mode their intricate and responsive interplay reveals a strong sense of direction and common purpose.

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