Ferne McCann: I did cheat on Charlie Sims

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  • 6 March 2014
Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann says she did cheat on Charlie Sims with Frank Major, but blames the 'TOWIE' lothario for ruining their relationship

Ferne McCann has admitted she cheated on Charlie Sims with Frank Major.

'The Only Way is Essex' star revealed there was some "overlap" between her two relationships and regrets lying to Charlie about her romance with Frank.

She said: "It's true I cheated on Charlie before I split with him. I do regret lying about it but I thought I'd hurt Charlie more by telling him the truth."

The 23-year-old star began seeing Frank, 29, in December and realised her on/off relationship with Charlie wasn't meant to be despite briefly getting back together after Charlie cheated on her.

She told Britain's Star magazine: "When me and Charlie got back together after he cheated on me, things just didn't feel the same. There was a huge trust issue. I had always believed that we were the real done, I never thought he'd cheat. But he did and I just couldn't get over it.

"Frank was a gentle push to make me realise things weren't right between me and Charlie. He made me see that I didn't feel the same way about Charlie as I did before he cheated."

Despite her transgressions with Frank, Ferne insists it was Charlie, 21, who ruined their relationship.

She exclaimed: "People are calling me a liar and a cheat, but Charlie ruined our relationship. He betrayed me and shattered the trust."

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