Various - FabricLive 37: Caspa and Rusko (4 stars)

Various - FabricLive 37: Caspa and Rusko



This instalment of the FabricLive series sees cheeky young upstarts of the Dubstep scene Caspa and Rusko at the helm. Representing the more playful side to Dubstep, their choices on this album – including much of their own work – reflect an element of tongue in cheek humour.

The mix bounces along at a relentlessly jaunty pace with shades of Dub and Jungle, constantly underpinned by that trademark of dubstep; stupid amounts of deep, reverberating bass.

Submit to the aural assault of Rusko’s massive ‘Cockney Thug’, laugh at the bizarre samples of ‘Catchphrase’ and MC Hammer, and take this as proof that Dubstep can be fun. Lots of fun.

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