Brooke Vincent: Helen Flanagan is 'misunderstood'

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  • 4 March 2014
Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent

'Coronation Street' star Brooke Vincent says her former on-screen sister Helen Flanagan is "misunderstood"

Brooke Vincent thinks Helen Flanagan is "misunderstood".

The 21-year-old beauty, who plays Sophie Webster in 'Coronation Street', says she misses her former on-screen sister and thinks the actress, who has become a tabloid fixture since her stint on 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' in 2012, is "doing well" as a model.

She said: "I really miss her and I'd love her to come back but she's doing her thing and she's doing well. She's got an amazing body and an amazing face and if she's getting work from that, then fair play to her. She's a very kind girl and misunderstood."

The soap star also revealed she was "gutted" when she joined 'Corrie' at the age of 11 because she had to cut her hair for the part of Sophie.

She told new! magazine: "I was gutted at first, because the choice was to join 'Corrie' and cut my hair, or not join the show and keep my hair long. It was a hard decision for an 11 year old - my hair was down to my bum and I cried when it was cut into a bob. But I got over it and it grew back eventually."


1. Big Mart4 Mar 2014, 10:20am Report

OMG it seems like Brooke Vincent may have the same publicity agent as Helen Flanagan. It would be in your interests Brooke to leave Helen to continue living in her publicity machine.

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