Corrie's Tisha Merry starstruck by Michelle Keegan

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  • 3 March 2014
Tisha Merry

Tisha Merry

New 'Coronation Street' actress Tisha Merry admits she was "starstruck" by her glamorous co-star Michelle Keegan when she joined the show but they are now pals

'Coronation Street's' Tisha Merry was "starstruck" by Michelle Keegan.

The young actress - who plays waitress Steph Britton - admits she was too scared to talk to her glamorous co-star when she first joined the soap last year, but they have now become fast friends and even get told off for talking too much on set.

Tisha told The Sun newspaper: "She's so famous and I got really starstruck and kept thinking, 'Oh gosh, don't say anything to her unless it's really funny', or, 'Just don't say anything until you're spoken to.' "

Tisha's character will move in with Michelle's Tina McIntyre in episodes to air tonight (03.03.14) and the actress was stunned when she was told the news.

She recalled: "When they first told me Steph was moving in with Tina I thought they were joking. I was happy and excited obviously but a bit scared too. I was a bit intimidated - it was strange.

"But once I got to know Michelle I realised she was a huge laugh and now acting alongside her is great.

"Now we're terrible. As soon as we walk on to set we're chatting away. We talk constantly and get told off and asked to be quiet. She's brilliant. She makes me laugh the whole time."

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