EastEnders' Samantha Womack returning as Ronnie Mitchell

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  • 1 March 2014
Samantha Womack as Ronnie Mitchell

Samantha Womack as Ronnie Mitchell

EastEnders' Samantha Womack will return to the soap next week having fled following the murder of Carl White (Daniel Coonan) and she says her character is now a "complete psychopath"

Samantha Womack is preparing for her return to EastEnders as "complete psychopath" Ronnie Mitchell.

The 41-year-old actress departed the soap earlier this year after her character murdered Carl White (Daniel Coonan) as he tried to attack her, and she's now getting ready to make her return to the soap, but claims her character is on the edge.

She said: "She's a complete psychopath and a ticking timebomb! By rights she should be bound and gagged in a corner, quietly rocking and humming to herself. Ronnie is more dysfunctional than ever."

Ronnie - who is Phil Mitchell's (Steve McFadden) cousin on the BBC One soap - outdid the notorious hard man himself by committing murder and Samantha claims this makes him nervous around her.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper's we love tv magazine, she explains: "Even Phil hasn't committed murder. For the first time, we see that Phil is actually scared of Ronnie, because he thinks she is vying for position as top dog of the Mitchells.

Ronnie's feud with her victim Carl began when her sister, Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons), started dating the known criminal following her split from Alfie Moon (Shane Ritchie) but Samantha has found it difficult to play such a volatile character.

She added: "Ronnie used to have such heart before, and she's changed in quite an unpalatable way, so it's been a real departure. It has been challenging to play, but also rewarding."

Samantha will make her return to Albert Square next week.

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