Natasha Hamilton to move in with Ritchie Neville

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  • 1 March 2014
Natasha Hamilton

Natasha Hamilton

Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton and 5ive star Ritchie Neville are moving in together after hitting it off on 'The Big Reunion'

Natasha Hamilton and Ritchie Neville are planning to move in together.

The pop stars' romance blossomed on last year's 'The Big Reunion' and the 5ive singer is planning to move north to be with the Atomic Kitten star and her three children - Josh,10, who she had with with Fran Cosgrave, Harry, eight, with Gavin Hatcher, and three-year-old Alfie with Riad Erraji.

Natasha said: "I've got to move out of my house soon, so I'm looking for somewhere anyway. As my kids are settled, Ritchie said he'd move up north and in with me!"

Ritchie chimed in: "That's the priority. I'm happy to get involved."

While their relationship is going well the red-head is still not used to the extra attention she gets when she's spotted out with the hunk.

Natasha added to Britain's OK! magazine: "He's so thoughtful and romantic but I'm still getting used to the amount of attention we get when we go out! We escaped for three days before the [Big Reunion] tour to Tenerife. It was so nice to be alone."


The late 90s lad band (now, confusingly, with just three members, Scott, Ritchie and Sean, remaining) use their rekindled fame from The Big Reunion TV series to hawk their old tunes.

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