Lacey Turner picks EastEnders over Hollywood

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 February 2014
Lacey Turner

Lacey Turner

Lacey Turner says she would rather be in 'EastEnders' than move to Hollywood to make movies

Lacey Turner would rather be in 'EastEnders' than move to Hollywood.

The 25-year-old actress recently returned to her role as Stacey Branning in the BBC One soap and she admits some have questioned why she has decided to go back to the show after finding success in other acting roles.

Lacey said: "I get people saying, 'Why have you gone back there?' I say, 'Because I love it! It's right for me. Some people want to go off and make movies, I just want to make 'EastEnders'."

While Stacey has only just returned to Albert Square, the character will be taking some time off soon to film a full series of 'Our Girl', the one-off drama she starred in for BBC One last year.

However, Lacey insists 'EastEnders' is her full-time home and she has even decorated her dressing room to look exactly like it did before she quit the soap in 2010.

She told Inside Soap magazine: "I've got everything laid out exactly as it used to be. It's like the last three years didn't happen. I'm funny like that! I don't like change."

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