The Fangs - gig review (3 stars)

The Fangs - gig review


The Hold, Glasgow, Thu 8 Nov
Fife electro duo Motormark have done a Bis, splitting up then reconvening under so many new guises it’s hard to keep track. First they were Fake Fang, with the garage-horror sound such a name permits, and now they’re back as Fangs, lighter on the syllables but heavier on the rock.

With drummer SE completing the power trio (he called himself Magaloof Taylor back when he was in the magnificent, serrated Lapsus Linguae), singer Jane ‘Queen’ Fisher and Mark ‘Marko Nein’ Law have turned punk, albeit with stamping krautrock overtones. Law’s guitars are urgent and jagged, Fisher’s vocals shrill but commanding, and the mascara-dripping trio are clearly reaching for some kind of midway point between the New York Dolls and Berlin-era Iggy.

Perhaps inevitably, they don’t quite reach it, but their snotty power-chord blitzkrieg is good fun, regardless. That said, when you pause to consider that these impudent, vaguely bondage-themed theatrics are in fact fronted by the daughter of The Singing Kettle’s Cilla and Artie, they’re bloody brilliant. (David Pollock)

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