Winter's Love

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  • 13 December 2007

‘The idea for the Winter’s Love festival was primarily inspired by the Fence Homegame,’ says curator Adam Stafford. ‘I’ve never been to it but have always admired the way they bring together all these local, and international bands together and have them perform in Town Halls and wee pubs.’

Taking place at the SPK Polish club, Winter’s Love will feature many of the best new acts in Scotland over two alternating stages and help to further establish the burgeoning Falkirk music scene.

Featuring artists such as Stafford’s own band, Y’All is Fantasy Island, Stuart Murdoch-produced experimental pop maestros Zoey Van Goey, singer-songwriter Jocky Venkataraman, Pavlo Peacock, and Billy Bates, whom Stafford describes as ‘some sort of mystical guitar prophet who has been dropped on earth by the same aliens that designed the pyramids’, the festival promises to be an exciting evening with a distinct folk orientation.

To add to the mix, Alan Bissett, the Falkirk-based author of Boyracers and The Incredible Adam Spark will be reading from his work.

As Stafford testifies, outside of Glasgow and Edinburgh there are very few opportunities for local bands to showcase their talents: ‘In Falkirk there is nothing like that although we have only recently got a new Arts Development Officer, who has been a great help so far.’

The hope is that the spirit in which Winter’s Love has been put together could last well into the first bright moments of spring. (Chris McLean)

All proceeds from the event will go to Falkirk Women’s Aid.

SPK Polish Club, Falkirk, Fri 14 Dec

Winter's Love Mini Festival

Y'all is Fantasy Island curate (and play) at this winter warmer in aid of Falkirk Women's Refuge featuring Zoe Van Goey, Alan Bissett, Sixpeopleaway, Billy Bates, Ross Clark, Endor, St Jude's Infirmary, Jocky Venkataraman, Broken Records, Action Group, Coriolis, Davie Lawson, Warped Memories and Sam Beaton. And they…

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