Behaviour theatre festival 2014 features Fringe hit La Merda, Germany's Hate Radio and work by 85A

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  • 25 February 2014
Behaviour theatre festival 2014 features Fringe hit La Merda, Germany's Hate Radio and work by 85A

Hate Radio / credit: Daniel Seiffert

Behaviour's artistic director Jackie Wylie explains what makes the festival more than just a name-tag

Evolving from The Arches Theatre Festival, Behaviour has become a major feature of Glasgow's cultural calendar. This year sees international shows – La Merda, a Fringe hit from Italy and Germany's Hate Radio – alongside contributions from familiar Glasgow live artists (Rosana Cade) and playwrights (Martin O'Connor), and a grand finale curated by art collective 85A.

What qualities makes Behaviour a distinctive series of events?

The key thing is bringing in work that is new to Glasgow audiences. For the international work, that means it hasn't been seen in the city and involves some kind of artistic or politicised risk. For the local work, it is often new. We will curate and take risks in a way that no other venue in Glasgow will do. What defines it is ambition and scale.

Is it all about The Arches as a venue?

Since it has extended its format – we are now working with Tramway, we have worked with Glasgow Museums, we worked with the National Theatre of Scotland last year on the Auteurs programme – it is about shifting the focus of the festival from being over a fortnight in The Arches to being an extended period across the city with a range of different partners.

How does the programme fit with Glasgow's arts scenes?

I guess we are just responding to Glasgow: if you think about what Glasgow's trajectory has been since the 1990 City of Culture, coming through its industrial past and finding a new identity, I'd say its music, culture and visual arts scene have been defining factors. So it is no surprise that what is exciting for a theatre festival is to engage with a lot of visual work and music. Because that is what the fabric of the city is.

The Arches, Glasgow, Thu 6 Mar–Sat 2 May. Full Behaviour 2014 listings.


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