5 Scottish Comedians of the Year at Glasgow Intl Comedy Festival 2014

5 Scottish Comedians of the Year at Glasgow Intl Comedy Festival 2014

Scott Agnew

Keep your eyes open for Scott Agnew, Mark Nelson, Larry Dean, Jamie Dalgleish and John Gavin

1 Scott Agnew

One of the finest comperes in the land, Agnew can also flesh out excellent stories about his crazy old life. This one is entitled I've Snapped My Banjo String … So Let's Just Talk. Probably the tallest of all the Scottish Comedians of the Year.
The State Bar, Glasgow, Fri 14 Mar.

2 Mark Nelson

The very first ever SCOTY back in the mists of time (otherwise known as 2006), Nelson has gone on to cement his reputation and work away on his craft. He’s done a bit of writing for Russell Howard’s topical TV show and tells some of the most cleverly twisted jokes this side of Sadowitz.
The Stand, Glasgow, Sat 22 & Sun 23 Mar.

3 Larry Dean

The current holder of this crown, Dean is a young japester who has lived down south for a number of years but is always excited about homecoming gigs. Just make sure you don’t leave a piano near his stage. OK, that somewhat obscure reference requires reading around the subject (otherwise known as visiting YouTube).
DRAM!, Glasgow, Thu 3–Sat 5 Apr.

4 Jamie Dalgleish

Frank Skinner is his comedy hero, but he’s been compared to everyone from Jack ‘Francie’ Milroy to Kevin Bridges. Can it get any more Glasgow than that?
The Griffin, Glasgow, Fri 4 Apr.

5 John Gavin

Probably the most dad-like of all the winners in that he arrived on the stand-up scene with fully-formed tales of being a father. He may also be the most heavily tattooed of the SCOTY chaps.
Blackfriars Basement, Glasgow, Fri 4 Apr.

Mark Nelson

The dark horse of the Scottish circuit, Scottish Comedian of the Year Award (2006) winner Mark Nelson presents wicked gags aplenty.

John Gavin

Former Scottish Comedian of the Year, known for his observations on family life.

Best of SCOTY

Scotland's funniest (that's previous winners and finalists of the acclaimed Scottish Comedian of the Year competition) do their worst.

Jamie Dalgleish: Laugh at Me

In his second solo show, former Stand-up Comedian of the Year Dalgleish talks about how he went from class clown to award-winning comedian.

Scott Agnew: I've Snapped My Banjo String … So Let's Just Talk

  • 4 stars

Storytelling at its most salacious from Scott Agnew.

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