Phil Kay


  1. The manically surrealist one was the second ever winner of the prestigious So You Think You’re Funny award. Fellow Scot Bruce Morton won the inaugural prize in 1988 and the likes of Rhona Cameron, Dylan Moran, Lee Mack and Tommy Tiernan won it before a certain other Mr P Kay got his hands on the gong.

  2. Never one to hide a light (or much else) under a bushel, he made his Channel 4 debut in 1997 for Phil Kay Feels . . . by running on stage stark knackers naked.

  3. He was also a pioneer of the prankish call to normal members of the public. Though one incident when he phoned a lady whose pet had just died put him off that particular comedic device.

  4. Phil has never sung about garlic bread or dressed up in gaudy colours and harassed celebrities while talking like Groucho Marx as two of his comedic near-namesakes have done.

  5. He has, however, been the TV face of whisky folks Whyte and Mackay. Perhaps because the product had the word ‘kay’ in its name.

North Edinburgh Arts Centre, Sat 18 Nov.

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