Family tree: The Glasgow and Edinburgh experimental, weirdo and improv scene

Family tree: Glasgow Experimental weirdo and Improv scene

Mapping out the local music scene in Scotland, one sub-genre at a time

Glasgow improv crew, Eight Thumbs play Summerhall this month. They’re one of many Scottish acts with fingers in many musical pies, sharing their talents among various projects (7VWWVW, Isshko Taiko Drummers, Asparagus Piss Raindrop, to name a few.) But do you ever find this musical bed-hopping hard to follow? As part of a new regular thing, we’re mapping out the local music scene, one sub-genre at a time, to show the cross-pollination and collaborations at work. We begin with the ever-morphing world of Glasgow’s experimental weirdo/ improv music scene.

UPDATE: Julia Scott doesn't play in GIO; she should have been linked to Asparagus Piss Raindrop, sorry about that. Her other projects have included Fem Bitch Nation, Yoke of Blood and Body/Labour/Movement(s).

(NB: Space doesn’t allow this to be 100% comprehensive, but feel free to add your comments in the section below, about any omissions, personnel changes, web links, new side-projects etc. It's also worth noting that, due to their collaboration-friendly nature, some artists will also link in with other instalments in the Music Family Tree series, so you should check those out too.)


Members from TAWFAWW, Project: Venhell and Lapsus Linguae play in-your-face sounds.

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