Beck binned songs after hearing Kanye West

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  • 24 February 2014


Beck scrapped new songs he'd written after listening to Kanye West's songs because he felt he'd already achieved what he set out to do

Beck scrapped new songs he'd written after listening to Kanye West.

The 'Loser' hitmaker, who releases his new album 'Morning Phase' tomorrow (24.02.14), binned some of his material after hearing songs by the 'Black Skinhead' rapper, who he felt had already achieved what he set out to do.

Beck experimented with 'vocal pitching' for a record and said: "I was really excited about it, but then Kanye West record came out and pitching was everywhere, so that whole body of material just became irrelevant to me."

The 43-year-old singer scrapped the tracks, much like he did when he recorded a "guitar rock" record, after deciding "there are people who do that so well it seemed pointless."

Beck is now excited about completing his first record in six years, the follow-up to 'Modern Guilt', after recovering from a major spinal injury, which prevented him from working.

He told The Sunday Times newspaper's Culture magazine: "I was limited to what I could play and sing. Physical therapy became full-time, but then, in the last two years, it just got better. That's huge. I wasn't able to participate. I had a lot of isolation," he added: "But I've been busy, in my way."

And he insists he isn't going to bombard his fans with promotional material encouraging them to buy his new music.

He added: "I've always put trust in my audience. They always found the music. I never had the instinct to bludgeon people with marketing. I turned down a lot of it in the 1990s. I turned down all of it!"

Kanye West

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American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Beck Hansen plays alternative rock and anti-folk.

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