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Alan Carr, Lee Mack, Russell Brand

This year’s Christmas lists will be rammed with live comedy DVD requests. Brian Donaldson sifts through the piles on offer to pick the best of the bunch

DVD Marcus Brigstocke: Planet Corduroy
The Show The erudite satirist rails against the injustices of the world in London’s Shaw Theatre, analysing how tough it must be to live life as a corduroy-loving middle-class white chap.
The Extras A stirring Q&A and the Giles Wemmbley Hogg guide to having a super gap year.
Best Bit An elongated skit against his next door neighbour’s somewhat rigid right-wing political views, which includes a virulent defence of Polish immigration into the UK.

DVD Lee Mack Live
The Show There’s really nothing quite like seeing a northerner mocking cockneys and Lancashire Lee does this to blistering effect in the setting of London’s Bloomsbury Theatre. Can it actually hurt to be a propa’ cocknee, he wonders? Yes, it would seem so.
The Extras A tour diary thing as Mack goes around the nation with his warm-up guy Steve Williams and some snippets from ITV’s Sketch Show with Mack accompanied by Tim Vine and Karen Taylor.
Best Bit Messing around with the figures for motoring offences and keeping to the letter of the law when it came to his own driving test.

DVD Russell Brand Doing Life
The Show Probably the longest pre-show standing ovation since Hitler rallied the Nuremberg masses, the Hackney Empire crowd finally settle down and allow him to get out some wise cracks about tips for smuggling heroin and urinating into bottles.
The Extras An interview with Jonathan Ross, silly sketches and some backstage shenanigans.
Best Bit A surreal encounter with Woody Harrelson in Brandy’s on-set trailer/caravan.

DVD Alan Carr: Tooth Fairy Live
The Show Before a Hammersmith Apollo audience of his regular fans and the celeb ones (well, Justin Lee Collins and Duckface from Four Weddings), Carr gets yet more comedy mileage from a strained relationship with his dad.
The Extras It’s Alan’s Tour Diary! With extra dollops of Justin Lee Collins.
Best Bit Discussing the lengths some people will go to in order to cheat a supermarket’s pack and scan system.

DVD Sean Hughes: The Right Side of Wrong
The Show Someone actually finds that cameras do work outside London as the perky former Perrier-winner displays his live DVD wares in Newcastle. Now in his early 40s, Hughes believes he has a level of fame where people think they’ve either seen him on the telly or just live on the same street. Lots of everyday craic about burying dodgy computers in the garden and putting his bins out sit alongside worries over growing old disgracefully.
The Extras Not one. Couldn’t be ersed, I suppose.
Best Bit The final tale about surviving the Boxing Day tsunamis by 20 minutes with its attendant Kid Creole and the Coconuts twist.

All DVDs are available now.

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