My Comedy Heroine: Male acts at Glasgow Comedy Festival 2014 on the ladies who make them laugh

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  • 24 February 2014
My Comedy Heroine: Male acts at Glasgow Comedy Festival 2014 on the ladies who make them laugh

Simon Munnery

Omid Djalili, Andrew Learmonth, Tom Wrigglesworth, Simon Munnery, Joel Dommett, Adam Kay and Simon Evans

Omid Djalili

I’d say Whoopi Goldberg. I got to work with her and was, and still am, very much in awe of her. She is the best improviser I’ve ever seen and is a real force of nature. She berated the writers on her show for just giving me lines about the Ayatollah and terrorists. She kept saying to me: ‘I’ve got your back, baby’.
Omid Djalili: Live, King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Sat 29 Mar.

Andrew Learmonth

Jojo Sutherland is a hero of mine and many others on the Scottish comedy circuit. Brilliantly funny on stage and the dispenser of advice and pints off stage, she is one of those rare comics who can move easily between students at Red Raw to decompressing squaddies in Cyprus. And her godfather was the Child Catcher from *3Chitty Chitty Bang Bang*2. The Scottish comedy circuit is a nicer, funnier place because of Jojo and her influence.
Andrew Learmonth and His Faithful Companion God, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, Thu 20 Mar
Jojo Sutherland: In Conversation, Vespbar, Glasgow, Sat 5 Apr.

Tom Wrigglesworth

I have very good memories of seeing Victoria Wood on TV. I now know that the songs she was performing were pretty risqué but I was too young to understand. My mum on the other hand was nearly fainting from laughter. I love Victoria Wood for being able to do that to my mum, way before I understood a cleverly diverted rhyming couplet.
Tom Wrigglesworth: Utterly at Odds with the Universe, The Stand, Glasgow, Sun 30 Mar.

Simon Munnery

I don’t have an all-time comedy heroine
Not having lived for all time
But the one I love best
Is the Queen of the Rhyme
With her rose dimple cheek
My heart warms when she speak
Criticise who dares
I’m in love with Pam Ayers.
And so was my grandmother.
Simon Munnery: Fylm, The Stand, Glasgow, Mon 24 Mar.

Joel Dommett

I saw Maria Bamford in America, and she is so different yet really accessible. Her stuff is so stupid yet so intelligent at the same time. On the surface, she looks very fragile: she’s skinny and small and her voice is really fragile but the content is so strong and quick and just so funny.
Joel Dommett: Practical Joker, Blackfriars Basement, Glasgow, Fri 28 Mar.

Adam Kay

I defy you to name a sharper mind than Linda Smith. Born in Erith (‘it isn't twinned with anywhere but it does have a suicide pact with Dagenham’), she was the doyenne of The News Quiz (‘people knock ASBOs but you have to bear in mind they are the only qualification some of these kids are going to get’) and tragically died in 2006. And there hasn’t been anyone funnier since.
Amateur Transplants: Adam Kay’s Bum Notes, Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Sat 22 Mar.

Simon Evans

I haven’t seen her live, but Rita Rudner is responsible for many of the best one and two-liners I have ever heard or read. Several have made me laugh out loud just reading them off the page, so god knows how funny they'd be in the intoxicating presence of like-minded fans. She is dry, and effortlessly achieves that quirky quality which is such a skid-patch for so many acts who end up being kooky instead, which makes me and most people I know want to kill. There are endless quotes from her stand-up on the web, and she is funnier in interviews than most comics are on stage.
Simon Evans: Leashed, Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 1 Apr.

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