Joanne Harris - The Gospel of Loki (3 stars)

Joanne Harris - The Gospel of Loki

Modern retelling of Norse tales from everyone’s favourite trickster


Between comic books and blockbuster success, it’s easy to forget when the Asgardian subset of the Avengers existed without that Hollywood polish. But The Gospel of Loki revisits those Norse tales and verses of old, opting for a modern retelling through everyone’s favourite trickster.

Recruitment from the realm of Chaos through his many deceptions gives a real narrative voice to Loki, both sarcastic and on point, that encompasses his famed godly delusions. The ambitious conversion of Norse mythology to today’s dialect causes smirks at unexpected phrases, yet maintains Loki’s narcissistic and, at times, jaded perspective.

‘Now it’s my turn to take the stage,’ he claims, often outshining surrounding archetypal characters who excel only when targeted for downfall or as part of an elaborate trick.

Loki’s current standing in pop culture makes this an enjoyable opportunity to hear the tales of his flame-haired roots, familiar or otherwise, told through the voice of the silver-tongued devil himself.

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