By now, German production sextet Jazzanova and their wider banner and label Sonar Kollektiv surely need little introduction as sophisticated producer-remixers extraordinaire and exponents of top draw pan-genre releases. But where exactly does Jazzanova end and Sonar Kollektiv begin?

‘Both things are in my person in a way’ begins Jürgen von Knoblauch in a voice oddly reflective of the music; that warm, broken but considered Germanic fashion. ‘Sonar Kollektiv has a wider range, releasing tunes that I would play but perhaps not produce in this manner and is more musically what I would play out in clubs or on radio shows. Jazzanova is really what I feel musically as a person.’

Jürgen is one of the two regular Jazzanova DJs who play most weekends wherever the call takes them. The other is Alex Reinemer (though Roskow Kretschman takes to the steels on occasion and Claas Brieler has represented the collective in Edinburgh before), and while both are furnished with much the same music, Jürgen would claim to have a more jazzy stance and eclectic approach. ‘This is our connecting point to the audience,’ he states of these solo club gigs, ‘to people who are maybe fans or perhaps new to Sonar Kollektiv we can present our own music and that of our roster of artists, as well as those that we appreciate. We are all really into the music and all really like to talk about the music. And of course it gives us a feeling for how people react to our work – and the feedback is very important as it influences our decisions across the group and label.’ (Mark Edmundson)

The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Sat 29 Dec


The masterful German production and DJ collective Jazzanova showcase their sophisticated take on house, jazz, soul and other grooves.

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