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Derrick Carter

Name: Derrick Carter

Occupation Original innovator from the late 80s Chicago House era, still going strong two decades later.

Where did it all begin? At the age of nine, so the story goes, at family parties. It was there that Carter would spin disco records for admiring aunties, giving him the basic skills that he went on to hone in his bedroom as a teenager. His first single release appeared in 1987, but it was 1989’s ‘Symbols and Instruments’ (as Mood, alongside Mark Farina and Chris Nazuka) that gained him worldwide attention.

Where did he go from there? Although the Chicago house scene dissolved, to a certain extent, in the early 90s, Carter’s DJing talents have remained in demand thanks to the international level of respect he commands. His production and remix work has also been steady, and he’s doctored tunes by such diverse artists as The Human League, Ricky Martin and fellow Chicagoan post-rockers Tortoise.

What’s his legacy? As well as running the seminal Classic label and contributing to one of music’s most influential eras with a sound which incorporates disco’s soul with the digital futurism of house, Carter inaugurated a new sub-genre after the late 90s Felix the Housecat-inspired resurgence of interest in Chicago-based electronica. ‘Boompty house’, legend has it, was named by Carter in honour of his mother, who apparently asked him why he couldn’t sing a nice song instead of ‘making that boompty boomp shit’.

How popular is he? Popular enough to play two dates in separate cities on Hogmanay, the latter of which will be a massive 20th New Year at the Subbie celebration, incorporating the Classic Grand upstairs. (David Pollock)

Derrick Carter plays NYE2007 at Sub Club/Classic Grand, Glasgow, Mon 31 Dec; Ultragroove at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Mon 31 Dec.

Ultragroove Hogmanay Party

Ultragoove take their New Year party to the next level with a full compliment of DJs: Gareth Somerville, Nick Yuill, Rob Mathie, Mikey Inglis and Lorne Finnie. Not forgettign very special guest Derrick Carter.

Sub Club's Large Hogmanay

To celebrate their 20th Hogmanay party, the Sub Club are taking over the Classic Grand upstairs to stage a massive New Year event. Headlined by house legend Derrick Carter, the night also features special guests Mathew Johnson, Todd Terje, Sensu, Cotton Cake, Boom Monk Ben, Full Phat (live) and Kev Stevens, with the…

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